Helping prevent knee injuries in youth sport

SKIPP Charity is set-up by medical professionals to improve young player welfare in grassroots sport through prevention of serious knee injuries.

Youth knee injuries requiring surgery have increased 29 fold in last 20 years. 50% of these could be prevented by the regular use of a simple warm-up programme. Protect children in sport by getting involved.

SKIPP Charity
knee injuries
SKIPP Charity
knee injuries
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We provide free, practical training for coaches so they gain confidence to regularly use the warm-up with their youth players. Training sessions are available in locations across the UK.

Sporting knee injury on the rise

In the last twenty years there has been a 29-fold increase in serious children’s knee injuries that require surgery.

Not only are these devastating at the time, they keep children away from sport for 12 months and can end up having long-term health consequences.

As a group of experts in orthopaedics and sports medicine, we recommend a simple warm-up that when performed regularly reduces these injuries by up to 50%.

Effective Warm-up for Knee Injury Prevention

Programmes like this are being widely adopted around the world. However, adoption in the UK is currently well below many other countries.

In the UK professional sports teams within have been using these programmes for many years.showing them how to use a simple, evidence-based warm-up that reduces serious knee injuries in high-risk sports.

SKIPP Charity
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Oxford United FC discuss importance of an injury prevention warm-up

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